I love old trucks and buses.

I understand that it's now impractical to keep them on the road unless you're a mechanic and welder, or have money to burn.  But before ever setting foot on a site myself, I remember seeing photos of "back in the day" and being mesmerised by the gorgeous old vehicles.

Then we took on a "free bus" ourselves: a 1972 Leyland FG 550.  You probably know this, you're probably a lot smarter than I was back then, but just in case, it's worth me saying: free buses aren't actually free.  We were skint, we were even skinter after getting it from Norfolk to Lincolnshire on a low-loader, and more bits of it dropped off every time we drove it so much as a few feet.

A year and a half later, we gave in and got a transit and a trailer: less epic, but a whole lot more road-legal.

(Click on the images for captions.  More recent work is shown first.)

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